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How can osteoarthritis be avoided?

Osteoarthritis prevention is complicated, it has not been entirely developed. Identification and prompt treatment of orthopedic anomalies is vital in this respect, especially the congenital hip dislocation, varus and valgus deformities of the shin.


Adequate orthopedic correction of these pathologies enables to prevent early development of secondary osteoarthritis.  Long stereotyped or static mechanical loads on joints should be avoided in job activities.


One of the most effective preventive measures is body weight reduction by means of keeping a proper diet and adequate physical activity. Especially important is a combination of exercises which would include a gradual increase in the length of walking time with strengthening the muscles of the lower limbs which are of great importance in the cases of osteoarthritis.


It is important to be aware that in the cases of osteoarthritis, the limited motor activity leads to at least 60% reduction in the strength of the quadriceps, so strengthening it is essential for the functioning of the knee joint as a whole. To strengthen the muscles, isometric contractions of the quadriceps are indicated, which can be achieved by stressing the knee joint, bending the ankle under stress, as well as through transcutaneous electrical stimulation of nerves. Strengthening the quadriceps over a period of 6 months reduced the pain and improved the function of knee joints.


It must be remembered that a patient with osteoarthritis should avoid overloading the joints, so any physical activity should be alternated with rest.





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