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Given the complexity and the irreversibility of the processes occurring in the joints of patients with osteoarthritis, the physician should make a choice of treatment which is not only safe, but also effective. This is necessary to achieve maximum stabilization of the pathological process and prevent secondary changes in the joint. The preservation of the joint functions and the maximum reduction of the impact of the disease on the patient’s life quality depend on the effectiveness of the treatment.


There is a misconception that the use of hyaluronic acid-based products is preferable as opposed to fully synthetic preparations. Claims are often made that the preparations based on hyaluronic acid are similar in composition to the human synovial fluid. However, the trouble is that the resemblance is not absolute, which is exactly what reduces their effectiveness in terms of quality. The preparations manufactured from animal raw materials are easily detected by immune cells of the body (phagocytes), destroyed and removed from the body. Besides, the use of animal raw materials often provokes allergic reactions and inflammations in the joint. Besides, the high speed of resorption accounts for a very short recommended interval between repeated injections.

The injections of NOLTREX™ should be repeated not more often than every six months - 1.5 years.1 This is accounted for by the macromolecules of the cross-linked polymer, which are virtually invisible for phags and eliminated from the body very slowly, enabling to maximize the length of therapeutic effect. Due to synthetic origin of the preparation allergic reactions to it are rare. For long history of its therapeutic use no allergic reactions have been reported.

Thus, there is an obvious answer to the question of choice of the treatment of osteoarthritis. At the moment NOLTREX™ is the absolute leader among the medical devices for the treatment of arthritis in terms of effectiveness and safety.







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